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2329 N Lincoln Street, Burbank, CA 91504

6 Units
Sale Price $1,650,000

Non-Rent Control

Property Highlights

  • Non-Rent Control

  • 50% potential rental upside

  • Market Cap rate of 6.94%

  • Potential 16.2% average annual return

  • Walking distance to the new Burbank Town Center

Exciting Developments in Burbank

Over 100,000+ new residents moved to L.A. County in 2018. Due to this increasing population, investments in small popular neighborhoods such as Burbank are on the rise. A Town Center for shopping (displayed on the left), the metro link and new apartment developments has made our list as the most exciting developments in Burbank, all of which are nearby our 6 unit non-rent control listing at 2329 Lincoln St.

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